The Marina at the Barking Crab is located in the Fort Point Channel behind the Barking Crab Restaurant. The Marina is between the Northern Avenue Bridge and the Evelyn Moakley Bridge (Seaport Blvd.).

Temporary slips are available for lunch/dinner visits (overnight parking is not permitted in the temporary slips). The transient slips are located on the slips underneath the Evelyn Moakley Bridge (Seaport Blvd). 

The slips marked “reserved” are rented on a seasonal basis and are not available to transient boats.  Email with any questions.

Additionally, the marina at the Barking Crab is available as a Water Taxi Stop.  Contact Red Top Boats for more information, ( ) 617-982-3298.

Marina Contact Details:
For more information regarding the Barking Crab Marina, please email: